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Ewelina Ika Dac

Yoga Board

Feel the hard way, which means balance on the board Yogaboard.

The only yoga class on board on a balancing board in Wroclaw that will guide you Ewelina Ika Dac (Tiyyayoga).

Yogaboard is a board for balancing exercise. It results from its construction. The curved bottom makes the workout performed on the board more effective through intense strengthening of balance and a significant increase in control over the body. Yogaboard trains our deep muscles, our balance, agility, speed, coordination, concentration and strength. All these elements are important aspects of everyday life, as well as competition and sports. As a result, we are also less vulnerable to injuries and injuries associated with falls. We remember which muscles are actually used and active at each position, because their sensation is immediate when the board approves and we have to correct the position.

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